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Cruise International Records: Serious about music

Cruise International Records is about bringing new and old forms of music with fresh ideas to people who have not necessarily had the time or chance to hear and enjoy music on a more serious level.

Music to breakdown all barriers

We feel that the music we produce or are going to embark upon should not just be contrived and manufactured for any particular market!  It should however be music that any individual with feelings and emotions can relate to and enjoy because of the fact that it is essentially quality music.

Opportunity to breakdown barriers

We are always interested in, or on the lookout for people with fresh or new musical ideas ... all this on the condition that it is played, performed and put together professionally.

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Party Time


£8.00  |  Buy

Quiet Place

Horace Andy

£8.00  |  Buy

Whip Down The Wic...

Hopeton Junior

£8.00  |  Buy


Ken Boothe

£8.00  |  Buy

Beat Down Babylon

Junior Byles

£8.00  |  Buy

Ketch A Vampire

Devon Irons

£8.00  |  Buy